InterPlanetary Improvement Proposals

An InterPlanetary Improvement Proposals (IPIP) provides an orderly mechanism for considering proposed changes to IPFS specifications. An IPIP proposal is not to be the spec itself; the approval of an IPIP leads to an update to a specification.

IPIP-0428: Allowing V2-Only Records in IPNS
IPIP-0417: Delegated Peer Routing HTTP API
IPIP-0412: Signaling Block Order in CARs on HTTP Gateways
IPIP-0410: Streaming NDJSON in Routing HTTP API
IPIP-0402: Partial CAR Support on Trustless Gateways
IPIP-0386: Subdomain Gateway Interop with _redirects
IPIP-0383: Compact Denylist Format
IPIP-0379: Delegated IPNS HTTP API
IPIP-0351: IPNS Signed Records Response Format on HTTP Gateways
IPIP-0337: Delegated Content Routing HTTP API
IPIP-0328: JSON and CBOR Response Formats on HTTP Gateways
IPIP-0288: TAR Response Format on HTTP Gateways
IPIP-0002: _redirects File Support on Web Gateways
IPIP-0001: Lightweight Improvement Process for IPFS Specifications